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Open Heart Senior Home Care, LLC

Where our goal is to give your family a piece of mind.

   Cassandra Holmes

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An Unique Family Involved in Home Care

Cassandra Holmes established Open Heart Senior Home Care, LLC in Port Gibson in 2017 with her son Kendelrick Holmes and daughter Shamira Holmes. In January of 2022, they opened the Vicksburg office. Since then the business has grown exponentially, now including over 130 employees and caretakers and reaching as far as Utica and Raymond. 

Their services include elderly care, respite care, and homemaking, as well as overnight care. From bathing and dressing to cooking, cleaning, and running errands, Open Heart Senior Home Care places utmost importance on the care of their many clients, making sure to never leave them without the help they need. “There’s no reason any client should go without coverage… someone is always going to be there. We do not leave our loved ones.,” Holmes stressed.

Being in charge of such a large network of helpers has not stopped Holmes from participating in the work of caretaking herself. “I want my employees to know that I’m always there right along with them…I appreciate them and I tell them often,” Holmes stated.

Holmes’ appreciation goes beyond words as she has been known to cover shifts for her employees and give paid time off when they need it. When asked why she goes above and beyond for her employees, Holmes expressed her understanding that those who help need a little help too, “We have to care for ourselves as well.”

Holmes credited her grandmother as the origin of her passion for service.

“When I was 16 or 17 she used to always go to the nursing home and have us, her grandchildren, to go and volunteer as well.” 

Concerning the origins of the name of her service Holmes stated that her grandmother “always said she would welcome people with open hearts.” 

When asked what sets Open Heart apart from what they offer, Holmes replied with “loyalty and compassion…We’re just a family-centered company involved in homecare. We love all of our clients. We treat them with respect, especially when going into their homes… we don’t just come in as a caregiver or PCA, we come in as a family.”

Open Heart Senior Home Care is very compassionate with clients and employees. We care for your loved ones Like FAMILY, where your FAMILY is our FAMILY. Our agency will give you the LOVE and FAMILY SUPPORT you all need. We provide compassion, excellence, and reliability while taking a family centered approach to providing the best in-home care services. We don't just come with OPEN HEARTS, we come as your loving EXTENDED FAMILY. The elderly, disabled people, and children have unique needs that can only be met by aides with specialized training. Open Heart Senior Home Care, LLC has a professional and compassionate staff that can look after your loved ones and ensure they live a comfortable, happy life.

     Open Heart's Office Staff

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"To do what nobody else will do, in a way that nobody else can do, inspite of all we go through, that is what it is to be a caregiver."

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To responsibly deliver high quality, caring, cost effective non medical home care services, and a lifestyle services to meet the needs of individuals and families in our care.



To be the most trusted home care provider, supporting the needs and independence of each individual, delivered through Open Heart Senior Home Care Standards of Excellence.


Elderly Care

Respite Care


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We care for your loved ones like FAMILY!!

Open Heart Senior Home Care takes a personal approach to home care. We take the time to get to know our clients and their families, to provide the best care and to select the best caregiver to fit our client. We are doing things no one else is doing in home care. We have our "Senior-Keepers Volunteer", "Fan Furry Friends" visits, and our "Need To Give Program". We don't just come with OPEN HEARTS, we come as your loving, extended family.

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